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About Abstretta

Assemble, send, and track your résumé like never before.

Abstretta takes the hassle out of managing résumés.

Abstretta is a new job-search system which constructs your résumé as a Dynamic Document.

Abstretta constructs your résumé using "pieces" which define each aspect of your career and work history, and then assembles a complete résumé based on tags and filters.

  • Construct a dynamic resume using "pieces" to deliver the specific résumé an employer wants to see.
  • Enter your information once and then use tags and filters to generate multiple versions.
  • Change your résumé's formatting without complex re-editing - simply select a different template.
  • The perfect résumé is now only a few clicks away.

Abstretta Mobile-Web App

Your résumé is always with you, ready to send.


Send your résumé and cover letter from any web-connected device.


Adjust the tags and filters at send time to deliver a customized résumé to each recipient.


Read messages left by hiring managers who have viewed your résumé.


Monitor your timeline to track if your résumé was viewed or printed.

(iOS and Android native Apps are in development.)

Change your style with one click

Abstretta supports a variety of pages styles, so you can match your résumé style to the intended audience, or to the impression you want to make.

The power of Dynamic Documents is the splitting of content from presentation. With Abstretta, you create you contact through 'Pieces' and then choose which template you want to display it with.

Whether you maintain your résumé as a standalone file or with some other online system, at some point you wanted to change the layout. At which point you were faced without hours of painstaking edits in your Word Processor of choice. Abstretta eliminates that problem by differentiating what's in your résumé and how you want it to look.

Cover Letters Are Built In

Create different cover letters for the different kinds of jobs you will be applying for. A cover letter for a manager position will be more formal than one for a web designer.

Cover letter templates can be assigned to a specific persona, or can be available to all personas. So you can have a global "utility" template, and then industry-specific ones as well.

Mail-merge is built in, so the cover letter that gets sent will look completely personalized - as if you typed it out by hand.

Constructing your résumé is as simple as selecting tags

Tag selection is a simple tri-state arrangement: include, ignore, and exclude.

Résumé "Pieces" which are tagged with an "included" tag will be be included in the résumé - unless the piece is also tagged with an "excluded" tag. "Ignored" tags are not factored into the selection process. So rather than making complex word processor edits on a very long document, with Abstretta you just click a few tag selection buttons and your résumé is instantly reconfigured.

In addition, your résumé can be filtered by a start and end date. Some managers will want to see a complete work history, while others want thigs kept more recent and preferably all fitting on one page. The time span filter allows your to further refine your résumé to be closer to what the hiring manager is looking for.

A Complete Job Search System

Abstretta takes care of everything from constructing your résumé, to cover letters, to tracking who you've sent your resume to and what they did with it, and much more. And it's always with you on your connected device, PC, or laptop. No more hunting for files, no more scrambles to update your résumé when opportunity knocks, no more dozens of cover letter text files in a folder "someplace".

More Features

Multiple Personas

Everyone wears multiple hats these days, and often you're looking for work on multiple tracks. Abstretta lets you have a different résumé for each persona, making it easier to job search on multiple career tracks.

Timeline Notes

Timeline Notes are small text notes that you can insert into your Timeline to add context to the activity flow. Jot down the web page for the job you're applying for, note when you receive a follow-up email, whatever helps you keep your job search well managed.


Scribbles are publishable text documents that provide a way to send the tertiary information that's always needed when interviewing. This can include things like references or a complete list of publications or certifications.

Built-In Contact Form

Abstretta adds a built-in contact form when displaying your résumé. This makes it possible for people to contact you right from their browser, without needing to open an email app. You receive an email notification when someone leaves you a message.

Public and Private URL's

Your résumé can be published as either public, private, or specific to a contact. Public résumés automatically obfuscate or hide sensitive information, such as strett address.


Every email sent, résumé viewed, and résumé printed is tracked by the system. This allows you to quickly get a sense for how many people are looking at the résumés you've distributed.



Abstretta is currently FREE while it is in pre-release!
I'm trying to fund further development with crowd-funding, so if you'd like
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$30 year

  • 1 Persona
  • 2 Resume Configurations
  • 32 Resume Pieces
  • 1 Cover Letter Template
  • 30 Emails (per/mo)
  • 1500 Activities retained
  • Custom Resume URL's

Pro Plus

$50 year

  • 4 Personas
  • 64 Resume Configurations
  • Customize-on-Send
  • 96 Resume Pieces
  • 4 Cover Letter Templates
  • 50 Emails (per/mo)
  • 2500 Activities retained
  • Saved PDF's
  • Custom Resume URL's
  • One Page Site
  • Email Tracking
  • Notifications

Sharp Stone Codewerks

Abstretta is designed, built, and maintained by Sharp Stone Codewerks, a development firm located in Los Angeles, California.

Built with Ruby on Rails

Sharp Stone Codewerks
Los Angeles, California